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The Stars. The Definitive Visual Guide To The C...

Expand your horizons and take in the awesome sights of the Universe.Using stunning space photography and easy-to-understand infographics, The Stars takes you to scores of galaxy clusters fantastically far away.Since the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, there are now hundreds of billions of stars, 200 billion alone in our home galaxy - the Milky Way. The Stars details 88 constellations to be found in the night sky, including Ursa Major, which contains the seven stars that make up the Plough, as well as Hercules, Lyra, Orion, and far away Andromeda. It explains how they came into being, where they are situated, and their key features.Feast your eyes on glowing galaxies, and rare sights such as dust clouds in the Carina and Ring Nebulae, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. The Stars also provides an endless parade of mind-blowing facts such as when Betelgeuse explodes, it will release more energy in an instant that the Sun produces in its entire lifetime!With a foreword by Maggie Aderin-Pocock, presenter of BBC's Sky at Night, The Stars is the ultimate visual guide to the cosmos.

The Stars. The Definitive Visual Guide to the C...

"This authoritative, illustrated encyclopedia is now in its third edition. Illustrated with a blend of informative illustrations, maps, and photography, it is a broad-ranging, in-depth guide to both physical oceanography and marine life. A comprehensive introduction explains important principles and processes, from the geology of the seafloor to the chemistry of seawater. The next two chapters look at key environments -- from the seashore out to the open ocean -- and the main groups of ocean life. Both of these chapters include systematic directory sections that contain in-depth visual profiles of key locations and species. The final chapter is a detailed, 60-page atlas of the world's oceans and seas, illustrated with maps compiled from satellite measurements of the ocean floor. Distributed throughout the book are feature spreads on the impact that humans are having on the marine environment, covering topics ranging from plastic pollution to ocean acidification"

This photo is related to seamen stories and legends. I tried to connect Heaven and Hell with a stair made of stars. Focusing at the hyperfocal distance was essential to maximize depth of field. If you want to know what inspired me and how I took it, take a look at our Milky Way photography guide.

Welcome to our Star Wars Vintage Collection checklist. This visual guide showcases all of the Hasbro Vintage Collection figures, vehicles, and playsets released to date, including all variants such as foil chase cards, Revenge of the Jedi cards, plus convention & retail exclusives.

Single-subject research designs have been used to build evidence to the effective treatment of problems across various disciplines including social work, psychology, psychiatry, medicine, allied health fields, juvenile justice, and special education. SSD for R serves as a guide for thosedesiring to conduct single-subject data analysis and introduces readers to the various functions available in SSD for R, a new, free, and innovative software package written in R--the open-source statistical programming language that was written by the book's authors.This second edition of SSD for R is the most comprehensive guide to the numerous graphing and charting functions for conducting robust visual analysis including line graphs and more complex standard deviation lines. This book also contains numerous tests of statistical significance, such as t-tests,chi-squares, and the conservative dual criteria. Auerbach and Zeitlin guide readers through the analytical process based on the characteristics of their data. In addition to presentations and assignments, this new edition contains more examples and illustrations to help readers understand the widerange of functions available in SSD for R and their application to data analysis and interpretation.SSD for R is the only book of its kind to describe single-subject data analysis while providing free statistical software to do so. For more instructional videos, blogs, and a growing community of researchers interested in single-subject designs, visit the authors' website: 041b061a72

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