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Paladog Pc Full Version Download

left 4 dead 2 is an survival-horror-shooter game developed by valve and published by valve corporation for microsoft windows, playstation 3, and xbox 360. the game brings the survivors as living dead which are not as simple as expected, since the game puts the player in five different situations. each one is full of horrors. zombies are all around, there are guns everywhere, and it is not easy to survive them. during the gameplay, the player will need to survive the onslaught of over 90 different kinds of zombies, and use a variety of weapons including the basic melee weapon, weapons, and more. left 4 dead 2 allows the player to upgrade weapons and play the game through different difficulties. the game offers over 100 different maps, with over 60 different weapons including the basic melee weapon, various guns, and more.

paladog pc full version download

battle castle is an rpg game developed by icy dock and published by icy dock. in battle castle, the player controls a wizard as he tries to go on a journey to find the mysterious sword which is said to be the greatest sword in the game. during gameplay, the player will be required to defeat the battle castle, battle different enemies, and find out his true identity. in battle castle, the player must play with the dynamic battle system of turn-based battles, and adventure in a world full of new and exciting things.

mighty miner is a single-player and multiplayer based on tower defense and real-time strategy game. the game takes place in the fantasy world with real-time and it offers the mix of strategy, tower defense and action gameplay. in the game, the player leads his miner to destroy the enemys base. the game consists of six levels with four bosses in each level. in the game, the player needs resources to build mines and attack the enemy. the player has to utilize the resources to build towers and traps, and defend the base from the attacking enemys army. the game rewards the player with gold and experience points. it has a unique gameplay and gameplay style. download mighty miner full version.

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