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Jet Li Rise To Honor

While holding a private funeral for Boss Chiang, Victor approaches the pair, demanding the pair to burn down the documents. Victor then reveals that he was responsible for the deaths of Chiang and Kit's father, as well as profiteering from the crime syndicate. Shortly after having burned down an envelope, Kit reveals a wire containing Victor's confession and promptly beats Victor in hand-to-hand combat. Victor is taken into H.K.P.D. custody while Kit and Michelle have a brief discussion about Victor living and their fathers being dead, just as Kit reveals to Michelle that he had secretly hid Chiang's real envelope elsewhere safe without anyone else knowing and replaced with the fake envelope which was burned recently to confirm Victor's suspicions. Once Kit gave the Chiang's real envelope to Michelle, Kit concludes the discussion saying "It is better to die with honor than to live without."

Jet Li Rise To Honor


For Jet Li, honor is like homemade bread -- you can always count on it to rise. The kung fu action master has long dominated Hong Kong films (and made some very tasty bread products along the way), but it's finally time to step beyond the celluloid spotlight and venture into the virtual world of video games. Finally, you can control Jet Li with 360 degrees of attack motion. Can I get a yee-haw? Not only will Jet kick, chop, and slap his way to victory, he'll also have access to nasty weapons like ham hocks, chairs, and pistolas. Don't fool yourself into thinking this game is a walk in the park (there are no parks in this game). The deeper you reach into the mystery Jet Li faces, the more difficult the enemies become.Need help beating a boss? Not sure how to utilize the dual Thumbstick control? Looking for some tasty secrets? We've got it all with our complete walkthrough that takes you from first punch to the final strike. Sure, you can beat this game, but can you do it with honor? 041b061a72

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