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rosetta stone: this company has scammed millions of people, and i want them to be held accountable! no company should be allowed to hold their users money hostage and not provide a complete refund. no company should be allowed to use predatory tactics like these in an attempt to grow their company, they should be held accountable!

rosetta stone version 3 keygen mac download

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i just bought rosetta stone on a lark with no knowledge of their real business plan. i thought they were just a language learning company, but now i realize they are multi-level marketing companies with a hidden agenda. i had to file a complaint because rosetta stone is not honoring their promises to me. i bought their language learning software with the idea that once i got my first level out of the way, i could get all the other levels for free. i bought more levels thinking they would be offered to me for free. i was told they would be offered for free. i was told that this would not cause problems with the other levels i already bought. but now i find they are not being offered to me. when i asked them to refund me for the other levels, they refused. but now i have discovered that they are not offering these levels to anyone. they are only offering them to people who bought the first level. they are trying to grow their multi-level marketing business by selling levels they have previously offered for free. this is a scam! this company is not honoring their promises to me. rosetta stone is charging me for levels they have already offered for free. they are using predatory tactics to grow their company. and they are doing this while taking my money. rosetta stone has got to be stopped! they have got to be held accountable!

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