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"Partisan" You May Kiss The Bride(2022) Fix

Today we read the book of experience (libro experientiae). Let us turn to ourselves and let each of us search his own conscience about what is said. I want to investigate whether it has been given to any of you to say, "Let him kiss me with the kiss of his mouth" (Song 1:1). Few can say this wholeheartedly. But if anyone receives the spiritual kiss of Christ's mouth he seeks eagerly to have it again and again. I think no one can know what it is except he who has received it.

"Partisan" You May Kiss the Bride(2022)


Bernard, for his part, clearly worried about this. A person who has already experienced Christ's spiritual kiss mentioned at the beginning of the Song of Songs can legitimately pray with David, "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation" (Ps. 51:12). But Bernard isn't convinced he can put this prayer on his lips. "A soul like mine," he comments, "burdened with sins, cannot dare say that, while it is still crippled by fleshly passions (1 Tim. 3:6), and while it does not feel the sweetness of the Spirit, and is almost wholly unfamiliar with and inexperienced (inexperta) in inner joys" (Sermon 3.1.1). The requirement of feeling or emotion means that lack of experience (inexperta) precludes one from understanding Scripture, which in turn serves to keep the desired experience beyond reach.

What are you about, my soul, my wretched soul, my sinful soul? There certainly is the place for you safely to shed your tears, to atone for your impure kisses with holy kisses, to pour out all the ointment of your devotion free from fear, without any touch or movement of vice to tempt you. Why do you hold back? Break forth, sweet tears, break forth, let no one check your flowing. Water the most sacred feet of my Savior, of my Champion. I do not care if some Pharisee mutters, if he thinks I should be kept away from his own feet, if he judges me unworthy to touch the hem of his own garment. Let him mock, let him laugh and jeer, let him turn his eyes away, let him hold his nose; for all that I will cling to your feet, my Jesus, I will hold them fast with my hands, press my lips to them, and I will not stop weeping and kissing them until I am told: "Many sins have been forgiven her, because she has loved much" [cf. Luke 7:47].

Why may I not touch you? May I not touch, may I not kiss those lovable feet, for my sake pierced with nails and drenched in blood? Are you less gentle than usual because you are more glorious? But I will not let you go, I will not leave you, I will not spare my tears, my breast will burst with sobs and sighs unless I touch you.

"Drink with me," said she, kissing the cupand presenting it to him; then, feverish andexcited as he was, he took a deep draught; afterwhich, with another of her strange smiles, thedonna drank the rest, and, as she did so, thepallor of her little face, and the unnatural light inher eyes, attracted the attention of Quentin.

Isidora seemed to pass away, and FloraWarrender took her place. He wept as he kissedher hands, and spoke with sorrow of their long,long separation; of the dangers and privationshe had undergone, and of Cosmo's tyranny; of thejoy with which he beheld her again, and now,that they never more would part; and thus, withevery endearing word, he unconsciously stabbedhis rash and impetuous Spaniard, who, althoughhe spoke in English, and she was half deliriouswith the wine, knew too well that when Quentinkissed her thick, dark wavy hair that curled overher broad low forehead, and pressed her hand tohis heart, he was thinking of another, for whomthese endearments were intended.

Alarm lest her brother had come in search ofher, and had tracked them hither, was her firstemotion. Covering the insensible form ofQuentin with the blue damask drapery of a window,near which he had sunk to sleep upon a fauteuil,she stooped and kissed his flushed forehead;then taking a lamp, she endeavoured to makeher way to the room of the Padre Florez, whichshe considered alike remote and secure; but herlight was seen flashing from story to story up thegreat marble staircase.

Eyes dark and bright sparkled with pleasureand welcome from many an open lattice, andmany a fan and veil were waved, and many awhite hand kissed to the passing troops, as, withcolours waving and bayonets fixed, they passedunder the gaily crowded balconies on their way tothe Guadiana.

We are compelled to admit that Quentin kissedthe words and the ring some dozen times or sobefore he put the paper containing the formernext his heart, in the most approved manner ofall lovers, and the circlet on his finger, where hecontinued to admire it from time to time, whiledeciphering the long and somewhat prosy, butkind letter of his worthy old friend, who evidentlyknew nothing about the unlucky court-martialbeing on the tapis when he wrote it, Lord Rohallion'sstartling reply from the Horse Guards nothaving then arrived.

The dominie had overnight prepared a long Latinaddress to read on the occasion, but happily for allconcerned, he had left it behind him; and now his greathorn barnacles were obscured and dim, as he liftedhis old three-cornered castor and kissed herladyship's hand with profound reverence and affection,and then Miss Flora's, as they were assisted byFernwoodlee and the quartermaster into the carriage.

"This is wonder upon wonder!" exclaimed FloraWarrender, as she hung on the neck of Madamede Ribeaupierre, who kept the right hand ofQuentin pressed upon her heart, while Eugene, whostood by, was stroking his moustache, and thinkingif he had anything to do in the way of kissing,he would certainly prefer Flora.

It was about a week later that Lucille came into the suite at the Hotel Cosmopolis that was her home, and found Archie lying on the couch, smoking a refreshing pipe after the labours of the day. It seemed to Archie that his wife was not in her usual cheerful frame of mind. He kissed her, and, having relieved her of her parasol, endeavoured without success to balance it on his chin. Having picked it up from the floor and placed it on the table, he became aware that Lucille was looking at him in a despondent sort of way. Her grey eyes were clouded. 041b061a72

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