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Hard Bondage Parties

The Republican National Committee is cutting ties with a staffer who treated a group of donors to an after party at a bondage-themed club in West Hollywood. The event was expensed for nearly $2,000 and also cost the unnamed employee a job. Some members of the GOP had already called for the resignation of RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who reportedly did not attend and was unaware of the incident.

hard bondage parties

"No matter which side of the aisle you find yourself, if you are giving a political party your hard-earned money, you should have no doubts that it is going to be spent as advertised and not to provide a spoiled, egocentric, out-of-touch chairman with frivolous luxuries which are out of reach of the vast majority of the American people. Michael Steele needs to resign and let the RNC vote in a man or woman who understands that his or her needs do not come before the needs of the nation or the party."

The 'Elbow Bondage Club' (EBC) was an exclusive fetish club located 38 miles outside of San Francisco. The venue was a large mansion which was owned by Julia Langly and Laura Parker, two eccentric millionaires who shared the same sexual fetish: beautiful women in stringent bondage.

The EBC was not a regular bondage club, it was 'females only'. And Julia and Laura made sure that only the most beautiful women were accepted as members. And, as the name suggested, this club was also limited to 'elbow bondage' fetishists.

As a member of the EBC one had free access to the mansion during the operating hours. There were more than 30 playrooms in which the members could act out their kinky bondage fantasies with either other club members or members of the resident staff. The staff consisted of stunningly gorgeous, but nonetheless harsh dominatrices. They chaperoned the club members, making sure everyone played safe and abided by the rules of the house. The staff were also responsible for supplying every member with all the bondage paraphernalia, fetish clothes and shoes she could wish for.

Despite them being professional dominatrices, the NWIS rule also applied to staff members. Although 'Junior' and 'Senior' club members were limited to engage staff members only as a dominant in their play, 'Premium' club members had the exclusive privilege to turn the tables on them. Once a month Premium-members could pick a dominatrix of their choice and make her a bondage slave for one hour. Premium-members usually savored their chance for payback and really enjoyed putting those smug dominatrices in their places by tying them up extra hard. Naturally the dominatrices didn't like that practice one bit.

Melissa sighed, "That's what I was going to tell you. It's standard procedure for all job applicants. Julia and Laura, the owners of the EBC, are very particular. Even though we hire you as dominatrices, you will, sooner or later, be subjected to some tight bondage yourselves."

Nicole cringed as she heard her friend's groaning, but at the same time she felt a sexual rush go through her body. Seeing Tamee so helpless really turned her on. Tamee on the other hand seemed a little pissed. Although the harsh bondage was extremely uncomfortable she was more upset about giving up control. Tamee was a full-blooded dominatrix who has never been tied up before. Being tied like this made her feel very vulnerable.

Melissa had to push hard to get the balls behind the girls teeth, but eventually she succeeded. Nicole started drooling onto her white business suit within seconds whereas Tamee tilted her head back, trying to keep the drool in.

Nicole, Tamee and Jenna looked totally exhausted. Nicole's white business suit showed several large, wet spots. The big ballgag has caused her to drool profusely. Tamee could barely move her arms without groaning in pain. The thin, steel rings dug deep into her porcelain skin. Jenna was lucky that Melissa had used ordinary handcuffs on her elbows, leaving her more wiggle room, thus making her bondage slightly more bearable then those of her two comrades. Nonetheless, she looked like she was going to faint any moment. Melissa tugged on the leashes, "Come on, ladies! Don't be shy!" Like pet dogs Nicole, Tamee and Jenna were forced to follow Melissa as she led them into the mansion. Once inside, the new arrivals immediately attracted a small crowd of rubbernecks.

Tamee recognized one of the women in the crowd as Lorraine Page. She was one of Tamee's most loyal customers. For over a year now Lorraine has been booking Tamee for BDSM sessions. Just last week Tamee had been dominating and disciplining Lorraine for a full day with tight bondage, hard flogging and verbal humiliation. A gleeful smile on Lorraine's face showed that she too recognized her former tormentor. Tamee felt extremely embarrassed and tried to avoid eye contact with any of the rubbernecks.

Melissa stepped in front of Tamee, looked her deep in the eyes and smiled diabolically. "Well, you know her reputation. Tamee Darcy is cocky, self-absorbed and she loves punishing her slaves with the most extreme bondages. I just had to give her a taste of her own medicine and show her right away who's boss."

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Bondage can be as basic or elaborate as you want it to be. Those new to bondage can keep it simple with silk scarves or cuffs. For real enthusiasts looking for bondage ideas, consider looking into specialized forms of bondage such as shibari rope bondage and mummification.

Breasts are very sensitive and often the focus of varying forms of pain and pleasure during kinky play. Breast torture could involve bondage techniques, wax play, suction devices, whipping and flogging, nipple clamps, temperature play, and more.

Mummification is a form of bondage performed with various wrappings, including medical tapes, plastic wrap, or even using a body bag. Being wrapped up like a mummy falls within sensory deprivation, particularly if the mummified person cannot see.

In attempts to understand the rape fantasy, many have ascribed reasoning such as guilt or repression to why someone would enjoy this kink. But simply, consensual rape play is yet another game of dominance and submission, involving force and role-play, and sometimes bondage. In a kink context, it is ALWAYS consensual.

Ada worked really hard on the kinky dungeon VR game. Lots of features, spells, traps & monsters were added, the mini-game is a full game now. Get your VR helmet from the store and enjoy the game in the arcade room or the online chat rooms. Send your congratulations to Ada for this awesome game.

Now if you are talking about a play party, and the person asks politely, the situation is different. BDSM folks are more open to non-monogamy than regular people, and sexual activity between groups at play parties is more common. So for example, if I was at a play event, went to the bar, and came back to find a Dom talking to my sub, I would not find that as bad as the first situation.

They were also swingers, and insisted on inviting me to their parties. I'm not prudish, I'm not inexperienced, and I'm also not connected, so after asking some very hard questions about who was coming and what usually happened, I went.

Which was good, because the night of the next party happened to coincide with a date, which worked well in that we decided we probably weren't suited for each other but shouldn't pass up the opportunity for a good hard fuck while it was there. I ended up staggering home from his place at about the time I would have left the party, pleasantly sore and rubbery-kneed, aching but not sore between my legs and only had to worry about one extra person knowing about the mole on my left bum cheek.

So, without thinking too hard, I chose tall boots with high heels and suspender stockings, black silk panties that I knew could be pulled aside fairly easily, a short red and black tartan pattern pleated skirt that made me look like a schoolgirl (score one bonus point for adolescent male fantasies) and a tight black cotton top that outlined my breasts (fairly tight C-cups, if that matters) and had a scooped neckline that I would in other circumstances have described as indecently low but now seemed about right. I did wear a bra, choosing a black lace number that gave me a bit of lift for added cleavage and poked out around the edges of my top. After careful consideration, I tied a lace ribbon around my neck to act as a collar and add to my mental picture of myself as fairly confident, sexually. 041b061a72

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