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[S2E7] Buried Extra Quality

Michael and the other fugitives find the buried container carrying Westmoreland's five million dollar stash. They divided the money, place them in backpacks, but before they can leave, Sucre enters the garage and points a gun at Michael, T-Bag, and C-Note, demanding the money from them.

[S2E7] Buried

In 1981, on her way home in a wooded area on beautiful Lake Ammersee, Germany, 10 year old Ursula Herrmann was dragged from her bicycle, kidnapped, drugged, locked in a wooden box and buried- a forest grave from which there is no escape for her. What happened back then and was the right perpetrator actually caught???Sources: -herrmann-germany-kidnapping-mystery _Herrmann

Michael Marshall is one of 26 kids that have been kidnapped by delusional thrill seekers. After being held in a buried truck for over a day, it looks like they will never see the light of day again. But Michael Marshall refuses to say "die."

  • Buried Alive: In the opening, a grave digger is buried under a sinkhole.

  • Disappeared Dad: Hen hadn't seen her father since she was nine years old, until Karen tells her he's in the hospital. Her father suffered an intracranial hemorrhage, leaving him brain dead. At the end of the episode, Hen makes the decision to take him off life support.

  • The skeleton on the hiking trail was that of Alex Armando Perez. He left behind a son when he died.

  • Halloween Episode: The episode takes place on Halloween. Bobby helps make jack-o-lanterns with Michael and May. Diaz dresses up as Snake Plissken, with his son Christopher as Wolverine.

  • Haunted House: A haunted house was built over a bat habitat. At first the guests think the bats are All Part of the Show, until they find out they're real.

  • Identifying the Body: Athena works to discover who the dead hiker was. His name was Alex Armando Perez.

  • Man on Fire: A fire eater brings their torch too close to a man just as he's spraying hairspray, setting fire to his head.

  • Mercy Kill: The team has to put the police horse City Slicker down after the Halloween riot made him fall and hit his head. The team doesn't have anything to reliably treat the horse before Animal Control gets there, and his handler doesn't want him to suffer. Hen can't bring herself to give the horse the morphine shot, so Bobby does it.

  • Moving Away Ending: Buck leaves Abby's home since he feels like he's her ghost, waiting for her to come home.

  • Race Against the Clock: The team has to rescue a grave digger from a sinkhole before it collapses even further.

  • Riddle for the Ages: Ian the hiker dropped his phone after he went over the cliff, so he didn't call 911. His phone, however, was found near an old skeleton. Who dialed 911 then?

  • Athena's childhood involves a missing girl who hasn't been found, even in the present day.

Lincoln is determined to reunite with LJ, who is suspicious of his good fortune in Arizona; Michael, C-Note, Sucre and T-Bag's hunt for buried treasure finally pays off; Kellerman has a change of heart just as Sara is targeted by The Company; and Mahone forces Tweener to make a deadly choice.

What looks like a simple drugs drop at a building site turns into a murder case when CID find a body buried in concrete. Alex is convinced that she's nearer to home, but with a huge obstacle in the way, just how far will she go to carve a path back to her daughter? As her view of the world is shaken to its core, for Gene the case uncovers a terrifying truth about someone he trusts.

We find Claire back in the 1740s in a moment of trauma as she gives birth to her stillborn daughter. Nearly to term, the procedure is messy and gruesome. The story of how Claire starts to come to terms with the loss of her daughter is disjointedly presented. We see bits and pieces throughout the episode. We learn that Mother Hildegarde (Frances de la Tour) has buried the baby, whom she names Faith, in the church cemetery, despite such a burial being against the rules. Prior to the burial, Claire was allowed to spend time with the baby, although she goes into an almost catatonic state, staring at her stillborn child for almost a whole day. A pregnant Louise (Claire Sermonne) is called in to offer a friendly hand and help Claire part with her baby.

Louise arrives, holding her hands over her own pregnant belly, as she watches Claire and sympathizes. Louise eventually persuades her friend to let her baby go so it can be buried, leading Claire to finally accept that her baby is gone as she breaks down in anguish. Claire realizes that she is as much to blame for this as anyone and takes responsibility for putting Frank above her family. After admitting that she slept with the king to free Jamie, he understands, claiming they both did what they had to do to save each other. Claire wonders how they can ever be the same and Jamie tells her they cannot, that the only way they can live with it is to carry it together, and gives Claire hope that though they have lost a child, by the grace of God, they may be given another.

Later, while working in the yard, Toby finds half of a buried splintered hockey stick, buried in the ground. It is wrapped in tape, with the name "Hastings" etched on the tape part. When Peter spots it, he reacts strongly and suspiciously by quickly taking the stick. Toby is weirded out.

After killing one of the outlaw Kiley brothers, the citizens of Calico have buried him as an exhibit in the middle of the main street. The veteran lawman who they've hired as their new sheriff objects to this provocative act, causing the citizens to ask for his resignation. Then Bill comes to warn the citizens after he learns that the Kiley gang is planning to ride in and wipe out the entire town in revenge. 041b061a72

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