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Download VST29 V59 Inch Zip

Accidentally stumbled upon TaoBao on such a board vst29 v59 hd tv driver board 5 1 tv board. And then - I thought, but not to fasten it to the LCD monitor. What came of this and what pitfalls I came across, look under the cut. I warn you. This article is for people who can solder and read electronic circuits. Lots of photos. Before buying this board, I read about the LVDS bus on Wikipedia, found and downloaded the datasheet of this board. For the experiment, I bought a used LCD Monique. I made an order and wrote to the seller so that the firmware was for Monica 19 ". This is where I made a mistake. And it came to mind. What TV standard will the tuner accept? I am writing to the seller that I need PAL / SECAM. He answered OK. As it turned out later, there was no OK. Received a parcel in a simple plastic bag. I opened it, and there in a tiny bubble in ONE layer the whole set. And I immediately found an inverted capacitor, a scratched remote control and a bent connector leg.

Download VST29 V59 Inch zip

Before connecting the matrix, you must configure the board correctly (scaler) so as not to spoil the matrix. I definitely recommend that you first download the datasheet for the matrix, so that you know what is the resolution of the matrix, what is the power supply of logic and backlight.

2) Second option (Fig. 7) differs from the first in the presence of memory chips in the monitor, which are often called a frame buffer (Frame Buffer). The presence of memory chips is typical for monitors of a higher class, which are capable of working with images of various input formats, including television. This class of monitors mostly includes 18-inch monitors, for example FLATRON L1811B. 041b061a72

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