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Devious Machines Plugins Bundle [OSX] [EXCLUSIVE]

The Soundtoys bundle has been an unusual constant in music production tool kits for years, and for good reason. Effect Rack is a plugin that allows you to load all of the other Soundtoys plugins into it, thereby creating processing chains all within a single shared interface, and with some additional controls like the Input and Output knobs at the top, which are very handy for managing your gain staging.

Devious Machines Plugins Bundle [OSX]

The H3000 Factory plugin is the closest Eventide have come to porting the legendary power of the hardware into a single plugin form. With over 450 presets, the H3000 Factory literally has a setting for any aspect of a mix or sound design project, perhaps most notably the MicroPitchShift preset that quickly became a favourite of pro producers and has since been spun off into multiple other Eventide machines and plugins (including the recent dedicated MicroPitch plugin, of course!), and has provided the basis or inspiration for many plugins from other developers too. 041b061a72

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