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Korg Prophecy Sysex Patches ((LINK))

  • After the success of DX Editor but before or maybe concurrently with Galaxy, Opcode had a series of single synth editor/librarians available under the name Edit One. These files were structurally different from Galaxy banks, but they were essentially the same data. We can convert these files to sysex. Opcode made the following Edit One software packages:Alesis D4

  • Casio CZ 101, 1000, 3000, 5000

  • EMU Proteus

  • Ensoniq ESQ-1, ESQm, SQ80

  • Kawai K1, K1r

  • Korg M1, M1R, Wavestation

  • Kurzweil K1000, K2000

  • Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R, Matrix 1000

  • Roland D50, D550, D5/MT32 series, D70, R8M, U220

  • Yamaha DX7, DX7II, TX7, TX816, FB01, TX802, REV5, SPX90, SY77

Opcode Galaxy Librarians and EditorsOpcode Galaxy was an app that allowed for the storage of synth patch banks in Macintosh files as well as an editor interface. If you have old synth patches in a library, bundle, bank files in Galaxy format on a hard drive, floppy drive, or Zip disk, or as a file on your current computer we can convert them to System Exclusive files (.syx) or Standard Midi Files (.mid) for use in vintage hardware midi synths, soft synth emulators like FM7, FM8, VirtualCZ, or modern patch librarian/editors like MidiQuest or Patch Base. We can convert all types of Galaxy patches including for Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Oberheim Matrix 6, R6, and 1000, Casio CZ-101, Korg M1 or Roland D50. If we have it in our inventory and it has an audio tape backup feature we can convert it to tape backup audio as a .wav or .aiff file. We can also convert many FM synth patches to almost any other type of FM synth sysex (DX7 to TX81Z, TX81Z to DX7, etc). Learn more about our FM synth patch conversion.

Korg Prophecy Sysex Patches

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