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Eyeshield 21 Episode 36

The anime series Eyeshield 21 is based on the manga series of the same name written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. The series is directed by Masayoshi Nishida and produced by TV Tokyo, NAS and Gallop[1][2] The plot of the episodes follows Sena Kobayakawa, a student who becomes an American football player against his desire but eventually becomes the star of the team, wearing an eyeshield to protect his identity.

Eyeshield 21 Episode 36

Episodes 1 between 72 of Eyeshield 21 aired from April 6, 2005 to August 30, 2006 on TV Tokyo.[3][4] The episodes were later released in eighteen DVD compilations between July 22, 2005 and December 22, 2006 by Bandai Visual.[5][6]

The episodes use seven pieces of theme music: three opening and four ending themes. The opening themes are "Breakthrough" by Coming Century, used for the first thirty-five episodes, "Innocence" by 20th Century, used between episode 36 and 64, with the rest using "Dang Dang" by ZZ. The ending themes are "Be Free" by Ricken's, for the first thirteen episodes, "Blaze Away" by The Trax, from episode 14 to 35, and "Goal" by Beni Arashiro and "Run to Win" by Aya Hirano, Miyu Irino, Koichi Nagano and Kappei Yamaguchi, used for the episodes 36 to 64 and remaining episodes respectively.

In short order, Sena was discovered to be a fast and agile runner, trained by a lifetime of running from (and running errands for) bullies. In addition to his team secretary duties, he was quickly recruited to be the team's starting running back by the team's captain: the demonic Youichi Hiruma. To keep him from becoming a recruitment target for every other club in the school, he was given a secret identity: Eyeshield 21, the mysterious hero from Notre Dame, who always plays wearing a helmet with a dark green eyeshield.

  • M-P Mama Bear: Just don't threaten Sena or Suzuna when Mamori's nearby. This is a woman who is brave enough to face Gaou should he endanger them.

  • Manly Tears: Frequently happens with Sakuraba and Yukimitsu, but it happens to practically everybody, even the jovial Panther and hard boiled Habashira. Frequently reaches Ocular Gushers level with regards to Kurita. Monta: A man should only cry bitter tears if defeat.

  • Meet Cute: Sena and Suzuna, with a Crash-Into Hello.

  • Mighty Glacier: The Taiyo Sphinx' Pyramid Line, and most of the offensive linemen in general.

  • Miracle Rally: The Devil Bats often find themselves trailing by a huge number, especially against strong teams like the Shinryuji Nagas and the Teikoku Alexanders. They always fight back in the 2nd half to win. Most of it is thanks to Hiruma's tactical decisions, which are often seen as crazy or outright insane but proven to be effective and successful.

  • Mobstacle Course: Sena's footwork come from avoiding people while running errands.

  • Morality Pet: Kurita. Sure, Hiruma inflicts his bizarre violence all over Kurita, but the things he does for Kurita (like attending Deimon instead of Shinryuuji) show he's not as bad as he appears.

  • Motivational Lie: When they're about to debut Monta's new Devil Backfire during the final clash against Ojo, Hiruma tells Monta that he's caught 9,999 of Hiruma's passes before, making this first reverse-catch his lucky 10,000th pass. Once Monta's taken his position Musashi asks Hiruma if that was true and Hiruma bluntly admits that of course it wasn't. But in somewhat of an inversion of the usual trope, he adds that Monta had caught his 10,000th pass a long time ago already.

  • Mr. Fanservice: Not too evident at the beginning, but the post-Art Evolution glow-up treats about 99% of the male cast especially well.

  • Mundane Utility: Sena uses his run to take back a letter from one of the Huh Huh Brothers, Hiruma uses his Improbable Aiming Skills to make fun of people, and the Youth Cup arc featured a "uselessly badass" pillow fight between the players of Team Japan. Mizumachi pretends to attack Agon at one point late in the manga...purely to cause him to react with his Godspeed Impulse straight into a high five with Sena and Shin.

  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Subverted and played straight at the same time. Akaba, Chuubou, the Ha Ha brothers all show that muscles are not everything. Shin has quite a lot of muscle, and was even stronger than the comparatively gigantic Ootawara for a long time. Rodchenko is the world champion of weightlifting, but Chuubou easily counters him. The Amino Cyborgs, particularly Atsushi Munakata, all had impressive muscles, but the Devilbats make quick work of them. However, to be fair, there are players who have huge muscles and impressive power, like Gaou and Mr. Don. There's also Daisuke Atsumi, the captain of the Yuuhi Guts. Despite being so muscular that he practically lacks a freaking neck, he's a below-average player on a below-below-average team of perennial losers. Muscles Are Meaningful: You can still rate physical power from their build, though.

  • My Kung-Fu Is Stronger Than Yours: Many of the "quarterback battles" between Hiruma and the opposing quarterback turn into a football version of this.

  • Naked People Are Funny: Otawara, if you can get past the Fan Disservice.

  • Neutral Female: Mildly subverted, since Mamori is often incorporated into the games by analyzing the game from the bench and informing Hiruma via hand signals.

  • The Nicknamer: Suzuna. She has the nerve to call Hiruma "You-nii", which also happens to be "Elf-bro" when translated into English.

  • Also, Hiruma. He usually refers to someone by "fucking" followed by a trait of theirs, such as "fucking shrimp" for Sena.

  • Noblewoman's Laugh: She hasn't actually done it, but in the manga, Yukimitsu dreads the day his mother eventually lets this loose, because it suits her so well. Mamori also does this during Deimon's field day.

  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: One of the creators said that Sena is based off of Marshall Faulk, as he is a huge St. Louis Rams fan. He also, however, bears many similarities with LaDainian Tomlinson (the eyeshield, the number 21, the position as a running back), but by all accounts these are coincidental.

  • Homer might be based on Brett Favre, with whom he shares both a powerful throwing arm and a tendency to misfire passes.

  • Mr. Don, in what appears to be a coincidence as well, resembles Tim Tebow - mostly because of his beard and gigantically muscular frame.

  • Morgan, the star running back who edged Leonard Apollo out of his job, resembles Deion Sanders from what little we see of him, Sanders having been perhaps the most infamous fame-loving, money-flaunting egotist in NFL history.

  • President Arnold Oberman is literally Arnold Schwarzenegger with a different last name.

  • Noodle Incident: Hiruma once bought an island. What for, and how much did it cost? We have no idea.

  • No Hugging, No Kissing: There are a few Implied Love Interests and some Ship Tease (most notably Sena/Suzuna and Hiruma/Mamori) but it's a sports manga first and foremost, so nothing is ever addressed.

  • No-Sell: Sena Kobayakawa's default running style is to throw the opposing players off by changing his speed and fake the direction where he's going. Quite a number of character aren't affected by this:

  • Riku Kaitani can also throw off Sena with his Rodeo Drive technique enabling him to change his rhythm so Sena doesn't know when to fake.

  • Shin is Sena's equal in speed and tenacity, so even if Sena can get past his Trident Tackle which like Riku involves an unpredictable change in speed, he will be pursued (read no more tricks but running) to the field's end by an expert defensive player.

  • Hayato Akaba trained the Bando Spiders at applying the Run Force, constantly forcing Sena into an unescapable position as he runs.

  • Agon Kongo's reflexes effectively nullify any attempt at throwing him off at least when he can see it coming.

  • Marco is the only player who can be said to be totally unfazed by Sena's running. All he focuses on is the ball thus Sena's fakes are useless, and with his Screw Bite, Marco effortlessly steals the ball from him. That was so bad Sena considered being tackled by Gaou the better option.

  • Takeru Yamato's defensive Ceasar's Charge seals any direction in which Sena can run to when both meet.

  • Apollo taught Panther to observe the navel to know where a runner is gonna go add his speed that surpass everyone in the series and he became quite a problem.

  • "Not So Different" Remark: After Hiruma traps Marco using his own trick, Marco asked whether, if Hiruma were in his shoes, he would use the same tactics (using Gaou to crush their enemies completely). Hiruma's answer: "Of course, fucking eyelashes!"

  • Occidental Otaku: Jeremy Watt of the NASA Aliens.

  • Odd Friendship: Taki and Akaba get along very well, despite seeming almost ridiculously incompatable. Doesn't hurt that they're possibly the two biggest Bunny Ears Lawyers in the entire series.

  • Akaba and Kotaro.

  • Shin and Sakuraba.

  • Hiruma and Kurita. Kurita is huge, friendly, gifted with physical strength (although he does work very hard) and enjoys football because it's football and he likes playing with his friends. Hiruma is skinny, barely average in a lot of athletic areas, ruthless, terrifying and only interested in winning. They're best friends.

  • Off-Model: The anime is riddled with this. Suddenly Hiruma is creepy for a whole new reason.

  • Old Master: Doburoku-sensei. Sumito Sendoda of Shinyuji Nagas also counts.

  • One-Hit Kill: What happens when Shin uses his Trident Tackle against most regular players. Subverted since several strong or strong-willed players manage to hold it off, even Fragile Speedster Sena. However, Shin isn't to be underestimated; The Trident Tackle stopped Yamato and his Caesar's Charge flat.

  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Shin, towards Sena. Vice-versa as well, but not as much.

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: There are characters, like Kid, that are known mostly by their nicknames. Marco is a deliberate case, since he didn't like his girlish real name.

  • Opposing Sports Team: Dozens of them. Several are portrayed much more sympathetically than usual, however, and the series doesn't shy away from the fact that the Devil Bats are crushing a lot of people's dreams, either. Teikoku, however, plays it a little straight. The team's structure forces players to compete against each other to get to the first string.

  • Pet the Dog: Almost every character originally played as a villain or antagonist gets one of these, from arrogant ace Harao to slimy agent Miracle Itou. Mr. Don also manages to get in on this... though, true to form, he manages to strangle a woman while Petting The Dog. Even Agon manages to pull off some strange variant of this when he takes off his helmet as simultaneously a sign of challenge and encouragement to his older brother, who has always sacrificed everything to raise Agon up. Still a dick though.

  • In an omake, Hiruma had a literal Pet the Dog opportunity, which he completely ignored until it turned out the dog's sad little puppy face was a trap to trick a potential victim into coming close enough to become food. Hiruma and Cerberus are really made for each other.

  • Phenotype Stereotype: Just see the Youth World Cup. Finland: Best dental care in the world, USA: Of the players in the Pentagram, two are blond, one is black, and one is Native American. India: turbans, Russia: has the strongest guy, who loves material wealth, Germany: sharp features, analytical and good memories, France: led by a Bishounen prettyboy

  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: So much for Chuubou Akira. Also Komusubi.

  • The Plan: Hiruma, with all his trick plays.

  • Planet of Hats: The other schools are designed around themes - to the point of looking like theme parks; Ojou High School looks like Notre Dame university, while Taiyo's architecture is ridiculously Egyptian-themed. Taiyo students even look Egyptian because their other hat, surfing and going to the beach, gets them really tan. The Occults actually try to curse their opponents, Zokugaku students mostly get jobs involving motorcycles, etc.

  • Plot Tailored to the Party: Of course, if the Devil Bats always won easily, the series would be pretty boring, but it can get pretty excessive in how there's always someone with inhuman abilities in the other team to be overcome by something only figured out in game.

  • Plucky Girl: Katsuko Konjo, manager of the Yuuhi Guts, needlessly follows an intense workout regimen so brutal that it would make most other teams' actual players plead for mercy.

  • Pointless Band-Aid: Monta

  • Polar Opposite Twins: Unsui and Agon, with Unsui being a reasonable, generally respectful young man, while Agon... well, let's just say that Sena described him as evil.

  • Poor, Predictable Rock: Most of the opposing teams have one or two defining strengths or gimmicks, like the Seibu Wild Gunmen's quick-draw passing, the Taiyo Sphinx and their "Pyramid Line", or the Bando Spiders' kicks. In that vein, the Devil Bats themselves fit the trope early in the series, by always relying on Sena's speed or Monta's catches. Later, their reliance on the Devil Bat Ghost also came back to bite them. Basically lampshaded in the match against the Wild Gunmen, after Musashi returns to play. Kid makes the observation that without a good kicker, Hiruma's tactics were basically analogous to a person playing rock, paper, scissors - but only using rock and scissors. By the Kantou tournament Deimon's strength is that they have too much offensive cards at hand to be stopped.

  • Pom-Pom Girl: They are one of the most iconic parts of Am Football. Taki Suzuna gets the most focus as main cheerleader of the Deimon.

  • Post-Victory Collapse: While most of the Devil Bats showed obvious signs of fatigue and exhaustion during the Death March, Hiruma chased after his receivers while screaming passing patterns and strafing them with machine gun fire with no indication that the endless running (while hauling around a machine gun) had any effect on him. Even when they reached Las Vegas, he continued to harass them and shoot at them in the hotel...until he got to his room, where he collapsed, face-first and unconscious on the bed, with his shoes still on his feet and his gun still in his hand.

  • After exhausting himself to defeat the Bando Spiders' Spider Web, Sena makes it almost to the locker room but collapses in Suzuna's arms before he gets there.

  • Public Bathhouse Scene: A scene has Monta, Sena, Mamori, and Suzuna meet their old enemies, the Poseidons, at a bath house. While Monta and Sena try to get intel on their next opponent, the Bando Spiders, Mizumachi tries to peek on a not-quite-Skinship Grope between Mamori and Suzuna. It also leads to the normally shy and quiet Sena having an Imagine Spot of Suzuna, with nothing but a Modesty Towel held against her front.

  • Put Me In, Coach!: Panther and his whole team knelt down for this. Panther went on to beat back Deimon for the win.

  • The Yuuhi Guts manage to score a single touchdown and overall give better performances than the hastily created "team" of other teams' aces.

  • Manabu Yukimitsu, of all people, scores the first touchdown against the Shinryujii Nagas.

  • Shin tries to do this with regards to an offensive tactic during Ojou's first game against the Naga, however he is denied because they had not practiced the ballista enough.


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