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Windows 8.1 App Watch: TradingView

Tradingview is free for charting with delayed data. However the minute you want to get real time data or you want to execute a trade through them you'll be paying a lot. One of the things I hate about their pricing model is they charge you based on how many chart windows you want to open.

Windows 8.1 App Watch: TradingView

Trading is a risky activity, especially when done using an automated program. Never trade automatically without your supervision using results provided by tradingview-ta. Any monetary losses are not my fault.

TradingView is a competitive trading platform with a wealth of resources, including chart types, indicators and customisable trading alerts, lots of which are available for free and with no brokerage account. Paid plans can be purchased for greater flexibility regarding active alerts, networking and numbers of concurrent windows and indicators that can be used. There is also a range of features that help to plan and test strategies, implement algorithmic trading approaches and analyse market data. TradingView can be used directly with approved brokers or indirectly and connected through its API.

On the TV charting system the changes I make in charting theme does not get saved and always loads the default one, can you please do something about this, because it is not so in case of tradingview website.Also when when using multi charts, after sometime the charts start to lag data points, this is also the case in ChartIQ, this particular part is really troublesome because it creates a scenario of wrong decisions. 350c69d7ab

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