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Harem Residence [v0.08] [APK]

In Harem Residence, there's a total of 21 cute girls for you to find and meet! Some of them will move to your residence, while you can find the others in different parts of the town!

Harem Residence [v0.08] [APK]

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I really enjoy the chill, comfy lewd atmosphere of this game. Also thank you for the effort to put in tons of group scenes, especially with girl on girl. I can't imagine it being easy to pump out. I thought the game devs would be over but nope, 3 surprise threesomes! Love it and can't wait for more, especially as the harem gets lewder.

And that bring us to the girls. Yes, they get interested in him way too quickly (with some exceptions). That's on purpose too. Otherwise it would go against the general genre and setting of this game. While each girl has their own personality and problems you need to take care of, the main goal is to fill the house of cute girls and bang them. This is a harem eroge after all.

Patriarch is an HTML porn game with real pics and video, developed by Oranos.The game is set in a grim near future where a powerful crime family controls the city. As the heir to this crime empire the male protagonist is set for a wild adventure. The story starts with the announcement that your father will retire soon and wants you to take control. To prove that you're up for the task you are provided limited funds by which you'll need to make a name for yourself in town - start a business, build a harem, anything that shows hard work and dedication.Patriarch plays a bit as a sandbox harem-builder game. Sex scenes involve male domination, humiliation/degradation and similar fetishes, not for the faint-hearted!Development is still in progress and once new content get's released we will update the game here.Updated to version 0.8.0 on July 22nd 2022. See the changelog by using the button below for a list of changes.

This sure is a weird country, where underage students would get blamed if it came out they had a relationship with their adult teacher, losses made by a company have to be paid back to them by the person who made the mistake and where debt collectors go after kids for debt after their parents, who made the debt, passed away. I mean yea its also a country with countless hot horny women who are perfectly fine with being in a harem, so its not all bad. But damn, that is a weird fuckin country lol

Description: This is another harem building game where you have to meet with girls and then take control over them. The game is happening in the near future and you are the head of the family. The game includes many different styles and fetishes, as well as hardcore things (but mostly that's just written in the text, not in images).

manmademammal, manmademammal, also i wish there were more user oriented plots where you get to choose whom you want to marry and just wanna appoint as a mistress of your harem or something. but again i might be asking too much for a cheap fap material genre of a game

Mr. Wape, do you think you can add in some choices for the "A Little Troublemaker" scenario, where you can hypnotise the thugs if your level is high enough, then use them to block the girl's escape, then after you either rape/seduce her, you can interrogate the thugs, get the five girls they're holding, and either free them, seduce them/rape them then free them, or seduce/rape them, then use for whatever, harem/brothel/internet porn business, etc?

i think being able to rape/seduce the employee in thief as well, a rape/seduce of a hen party with bride/mother/sister/maids of honour where ending could be bride runs from wedding and sets up with you and the others in a harem, a cheerleading practice

Trying to find out early but is this a game where you just end up with all the girls or do the choices have enough weight that you need to be careful if you have a favorite girl you wish to romance? In short is this a harem game where you get everyone or is the goal to pick a particular girl you wish to romance?

So is this a harem avn,or Just choose 1 love interest type? If it is latter i m getting serious ntr vibes even dev confirms it,and since no harem means dev can put any girl having sex with any dude and will still say,it's not NTR since she isn't li anymore. 041b061a72

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