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Where Can I Buy Scoe 10x

So my daughter moved into a house where the back room smelled of funky feet. Shampooing the carpets didn't help at all, but she lived alone, and never even used the back room. I moved in and I cleaned the carpets myself, trying different things, and when I had company, I was told this room smells like feet. Well, I ordered your product, sprayed this room, and had someone walk into the back room and they said, they can't smell anything. That's a big difference. So now I am a spray I sprayed the steps since they are carpeted also. I will definitely purchase more....however, a lil goes a long way. Thank you so much for such an awesome product!! I'm already telling friends and family members.

where can i buy scoe 10x

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My 85 year old father is an animal lover who lives deep in the Ozark's. He has quite a few cats, raccoons, deer, and a bear. Several of the cats are indoor/outdoor. One of them is a rat ******* who sprays a lot of places. When I traveled to check up on him I was like "Whoa, Dad, this is bad." We tried all the stuff they had at the local Wal-Mart and pet stores. Nothing cut it. I then found this stuff and very thankful to have found it. THIS SCOE 10X CUT IT FAST! I sprayed some in the morning and some more in the afternoon on spots I could find. Next day it was hardly noticeable. My brother-in-law came over and was like "Wow, it's really reduced down by like 90%. If we keep it up the last 10% will go away." We found the rest of the spots where he sprayed and took aim with the trigger and now all the odor is gone! This works! You can't go wrong with it. It's on the pricey side but for the amount I spent on all sorts of different products this one does the trick and is worth the money. I wish I had found this product first as I would have saved money on products, gas, and my time trying to find something. Buy it, you won't regret it. It WILL work.

AMAZING STUFF!I just bought a home where the previous owner had 3 cats. They used the basement as their cat-box and boy did it stink! I tried SCOE 10X and what a miracle! It completely eliminated the urine and feces smell! My basement no longer smells like a giant cat-box. I'm going to order more so I can get rid of the cigarette smoke smell in the rest of the house. This stuff really works!

Hello... I have 2 dogs and over the yrs they have had accidents of poop, pee and diarrhea. I found scoe 10x when searching online. I bought a bottle and I gotta say I have great luck with this product. I can stand there after spraying and just about watch the stain(s) disappearing. don't have cats so don't know about the cat odor and stains. i'm actually surprised to see so many negative reviews as this stuff is a lifesaver for me!

Hello... I have several cats and a few of them think the floors, especially along the baseboards, and carpets are better places to pee than the litter pans. I have tried many products over the years... they would take the odor away for the human nose, but the cats still smelled it and would continue to pee there. then I came across the website for scoe. I wasn't sure if I should put out money on yet another product, but decided to give it a try. I also ordered the black light. after the products arrived, I was a bit confused about what temperature lukewarm is but in the directions it also says "neutral to your skin". I took this to mean that you couldn't feel it on your skin if it was the right temperature... which would be 98.6 degrees f. so that's the temperature I used and the product seems to work for me. I used it on all of the perimeters of the rooms that I knew the cats had peed, I put plastic over the product for the 20 minute duration so it wouldn't dry out, and then I would wipe it up, or in some cases let it air dry. so far, none of my cats have re-marked where I have treated. with a black light I had noticed that pee had been sprayed up the walls in one room. I used the product, but after I was finished, the black light showed that the stains were still there. I contacted the company and I was told that if the urine had been painted over, then the product wouldn't work. I had never painted the walls, so I came to the conclusion that the previous owners had animals and had painted over the stains. about the black light I purchased, I returned it because I didn't realize that we already had one and I must say that I did not have any issues with the return process. I emailed for a return authorization number, got it, returned the product and got my refund. so, for those of you who are having problems with the product, it could be the material you are trying to clean, it could be mixing problems, I don't know, but I wish you luck in finding something that does work for you. I agree with some of the reviewers that say it's hard to get a refund if the instructions are not exactly followed. for example, I don't think I am the only person that didn't know what temperature lukewarm is. that can make it tricky to get a refund, because how can you prove you mixed it correctly... I guess maybe that's why they want the bottles returned?

Tried this product on a very dense 5x7 rug. treated front and back according to the instructions. the rug still didn't smell right so I used the black lite and it showed the urine stain had moved to a place previously not affected. ended up taking the rug to the dump. I could have used the refund policy to request a refund but thought it better to levy some criticism at the marketing approach instead. before buying the product I should have looked at the ridiculous skunk video. the instructions clearly state that the spray bottle should be used for flat surfaces and for rug fiber the product should be applied directly to saturate the fibers. that makes sense. however, in the video, they spray the skunk rather than submerging it in the scoe 10x solution. how did the fur next to the skunks body get treated? why was one guy wearing a gas mask while the narrator had no protection and didn't seem fazed by the odor? quite a scam! as regards the testimonials, you cite over 1, 000 but don't show that many. all carry a 5 star rating. your site indicates that all reviews are posted. based on my experience buying on amazon, regardless of how good a product is there will be a few reviews that are low, whether for a late shipment or simply the customer didn't use the product properly. buyer beware!

Hello everyone - if anyone is having problems with urine odors on their lawn, I used a product called uri-cide that worked great. I live in arizona where the hot sun beats down on my lawn over 300 days a year, causing a bad urine smell.. I tried about half a dozen products - some worked a little and others really had no effect. the uricide got rid of the smell completely.. at first glance, the price looks a little high, but the product comes in a concentrate and you get a whole lot of product once you mix it with water. the package comes with everything you need to apply the product. they have a website and it's also sold on amazon.

i recently had renters move out after 6 months, they had 3 small dogs which they allowed to pee and poop on my area rugs and laminate flooring for the full 6 months without cleaning it up, they did clean up the poop piles but left the residuals; I almost passed out from the odor when I walked in and after an hour or so of cleaning I started to feel sick & then I had to lay down until it passed. The area rugs, which I later burned, were so permeated with urine they were wet, the laminate floor had wet and dry areas throughout the house with dirt and unknown substances stuck to it, seriously, not only did these people not sweep the floor in 6 months they didn't change the sheet on their bed either. Initially I tried Pinesol, diluted then at full strength, it had so little effect that my boyfriend and his friend couldn't even come within 20' of the house let alone come in it; before leaving I sprayed everything down with antibacterial spray. All this was yesterday, today I made calls to the health department then started searching online when I found this site, unfortunately I found no mention of laminate floors so I called the 1-877 number and immediately was connected to a rep who had no idea of using the product on laminate, she gave me another number, also listed and again I was immediately connected, the guy I talked to answered all my questions and told me that outside of concrete, laminate flooring is one of the most easiest of surfaces to treat, however, there are gaps here and there where the urine might have gotten into and the only way to treat that is to force the mixture into the gaps and hope it finds it's target, otherwise my next option would be to tear up the laminate, remove the pad and treat the under-layment, unfortunately that's not a financial option for me. So I'm about to order a gallon of SCOE and pray that it works, My cabin was built in 1920, is roughly 500 sq ft and has more windows than walls, I love my little cabin and you just can't know the despair I've been in this last 24 hrs. because of the neglect it's been through, it's so dis-heartening. I will do an update after I'm done doing the treatment and I'd like to ask all the readers to please send some good vibes my way so that I can get through this ordeal with a somewhat positive attitude. Thank you.

I was ready to place my first order for Scoe10X and several accessories. Then it hit me...this product sounds to good to be true, why have I not heard of this before...I must research! I mean there Is not one 4/4.5 review on their website and now I'm confused about this company and their product. Could any honest human please let me know if anything has seemingly changed with the companies return policy and customer service? Yes, I understand RA's, returning unused products, but never being rude to the consumer with a legit receipt. The entire focus around Scoe10X is the "guarantee" for the consumer, not smart mouthed employees having a bad day. I also understand companies being scammed by consumers, however the topic above is made clear she had her reciept and USPS Tracking Code...this is where I dropped off of Scoe10X site and felt it was like a scam. When almost every review is "omg I so love love love this..saved me thousands and thousands!". I am here for ONE purpose ... to find an honest company with a product to clean/rid areas in my home where my two super jealous felines have sprayed and one puppy has urinated several times. I have purchased two carpet cleaners and just about every cleaner for pets, and they only "mask" the odor, which keeps my precious animals coming back for the carpet rival spray. I would gladly buy Scoe10X with an honest review of the product, not one from someone working for personal gain. 041b061a72

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