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How to Download and Play FIFA 98: Road to World Cup on Your PC

How to Download and Play FIFA 98: Road to World Cup on Your PC

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup is a classic soccer game that was released in 1997 by EA Sports. It was the fifth game in the FIFA series and the second to be in 3D on the 32-bit machines. It featured a number of different players on the cover, including David Beckham, Roy Lassiter, David Ginola, Raúl, Paolo Maldini and Andreas MÃller. FIFA 98 was the last FIFA game released for the Mega Drive.

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If you want to relive the nostalgia of playing FIFA 98 on your PC, you can download it from various sources online. However, you will need to use an emulator or a patch to make it compatible with modern operating systems. Here are some steps to help you download and play FIFA 98 on your PC:

  • Find a reliable source to download FIFA 98. You can use websites like Old Games Download or to get the game files. Make sure you download the version that matches your PC's specifications (Windows or Genesis).

  • Extract the downloaded files using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You should get a folder with the game files inside.

  • If you downloaded the Windows version, you will need to run a patch to make it work on Windows 10. You can download the patch from Old Games Download. Extract the patch files and run "PatchInstall.bat". This will install the necessary files and registry entries for FIFA 98.

  • If you downloaded the Genesis version, you will need to use an emulator to run it on your PC. You can use emulators like Kega Fusion or Gens to play Genesis games on your PC. Download and install the emulator of your choice and load the game ROM file (

  • Launch the game and enjoy playing FIFA 98: Road to World Cup on your PC!

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup is a fun and nostalgic soccer game that you can play on your PC with some simple steps. It features over 170 national teams, 16 stadiums, realistic graphics and sound effects, and an innovative indoor mode. Whether you want to play a friendly match, a tournament, or a road to world cup mode, FIFA 98 will keep you entertained for hours.

If you are looking for some gameplay tips to improve your skills in FIFA 98, here are some suggestions:

  • Use the directional pad to control your players instead of the analog stick. This will give you more precision and accuracy in your movements and passes.

  • Use the L1 and R1 buttons to switch between players quickly and effectively. This will help you defend better and create more opportunities for attack.

  • Use the triangle button to make a through pass to your strikers. This will allow you to exploit the gaps in the opponent's defense and score more goals.

  • Use the square button to shoot from long range. This will surprise the goalkeeper and increase your chances of scoring.

  • Use the circle button to cross the ball into the box. This will create chances for headers and volleys.

  • Use the X button to slide tackle your opponents. This will help you win back possession and stop their attacks. Be careful not to foul them or get a yellow or red card.

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup is a game that can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore soccer fans. It has a variety of modes, teams, players, and features that make it one of the best soccer games of all time. If you want to experience the thrill of playing in the World Cup, FIFA 98 is the game for you. 0efd9a6b88

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