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Supernatural - Season 13 [UPDATED]

Asmoedus starts out as a legitimate threat but eventually turns into a Colonel Sanders joke. At the beginning of the season, he tries to grab Jack and use him for his own purposes. He rules hell and keeps Cas, Lucifer, and Gabriel prisoner for a while, but he does a really poor job of it, as literally everyone that he keeps captive eventually escapes. Before he gets the chance to really do any damage with his shapeshifting ability, Gabriel kills him as retribution for torturing him and extracting his grace.

Supernatural - Season 13

Like everyone else, Bobby crosses into the real world at the end of the season. He is the leader of the AU people, which is worth noting. He has a close relationship with Mary, and it has been hinted that that will turn romantic in the future.

Although John is still dead (season 2), there are a lot of references to him in season thirteen. While a resurrection is probably unlikely, Dean will probably confront his long-held daddy issues soon.

Early in the season, Asmodeus tries to use Jack to raise the shedim, hideous creatures that are locked away deep inside hell. It seems unlikely that the writers would bother to create these monsters and never do anything with them, so keep an eye out.

It was marvelous having the old Dean back. While I understood he was mourning the loss of his mother and Cas, I'm not sure I would have been able to handle a moody Dean for the entire season. His banter with Smash and Grab was extremely comical, but it was a riot when he was turned into a human compass.

In the middle of May, Riverdale, Supernatural, Arrow and Dynasty will kick off a three-day finale run starting on May 16. The Flash will end season 4 on May 22 and iZombie will conclude its recently started fourth season on May 28.

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