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Mature Porn Red British [BEST]

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Figuring out what porn is illegal in the UK is not always a straightforward task. The regulation of pornography in the UK falls under a variety or laws, regulations, judicial processes, and even voluntary schemes. As such, there is a rarely a black and white answer to whether something is illegal. Rather, complaints about any particular material tend to have to be reviewed by regulators or judicial bodies (i.e. the courts) in order to determine its legality.

In any criminal case involving extreme pornographic images, it will fall to the judge or jury to determine whether an image should be accordingly classified. Importantly, the intention of the defendant is not to be considered relevant to the proceedings, which means that even if someone claims not to have fully understood what the image contained or otherwise made an excuse about their intentions in possessing the image, it would make no difference to the outcome of the case.

Because pornography laws in the UK are so broad, sometimes people will be charged with a broader offence involving possessing and/or making indecent images rather than a specific child pornography or extreme pornography offence. Much depends on what the CPS considers to be the most appropriate charge taking into account the offender, his or her history, and any evidence to support the case.

The one provision of the law that drew considerable attention was the plan to create an age verification system that would prevent people under the age of 18 years old from accessing commercially operated pornography websites. With such an age verification system in place, the law would allow regulators to fine websites up to 250,000 (or up to 5% of their turnover) and issue blocks or cease-and-desist orders to non-compliant websites.

If you need more information and guidance on the complex web of pornography laws in the UK and how they might impact any case in which you are involved, it is best to contact legal experts in the field. The team at Stuart Miller Solicitors have a long history of dealing with criminal cases involving pornography and will be able to assist you in all defence matters related thereto. For a non-judgemental conversation about your case, contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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