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Mindray De Cg 03a: A Fully Automatic Haematology Analyser

Mindray De Cg 03a: A Fully Automatic Haematology Analyser

The Mindray De Cg 03a is a fully automatic haematology analyser that can perform various tests on blood samples, such as complete blood count (CBC), differential white blood cell count (DIFF), reticulocyte count (RET), and nucleated red blood cell count (NRBC). It has a throughput of 60 samples per hour and can store up to 40,000 results with histograms. It also has a built-in barcode scanner and a touch screen interface for easy operation.

Mindray De Cg 03a Manual Transmission

The Mindray De Cg 03a uses a microprocessor-based circuit device called the Component 6-1807, which contains six independent inputs, called sources (1 to 6), which are often represented by the letters A to F. The sources can be connected to different sensors, such as photodiodes, electrodes, or transducers, to measure different parameters of the blood sample, such as impedance, optical density, voltage, or pressure. The Component 6-1807 then converts the signals from the sources into digital data and sends them to the main processor for analysis.

The Mindray De Cg 03a also has a manual transmission mode, which allows the user to manually adjust one or more settings from the operator interface of the diagnostic device. For example, the user can change the layout of the user interfaces, view the histogram of the target display, or calibrate the sensors. The manual transmission mode can be accessed by pressing the M key on the keyboard or selecting the M icon on the touch screen.

The Mindray De Cg 03a is a reliable and efficient haematology analyser that can provide accurate and comprehensive results for various blood tests. It is suitable for clinical laboratories, hospitals, and research institutes that need a high-performance and user-friendly device for haematology analysis.

The Mindray De Cg 03a has several features and benefits that make it a convenient and reliable device for ECG measurement and analysis. Some of these features and benefits are:

  • Automatic ECG measurement and analysis: The device can automatically measure and analyze the ECG signals and provide accurate and comprehensive results, such as heart rate, P-R interval, QRS duration, QT/QTc interval, P/QRS/T axis, and ST segment analysis.

  • Complete digital filter: The device can avoid baseline drifting and interfering from AC, EMG, or other sources by using a complete digital filter that can eliminate noise and enhance signal quality.

  • Auto-adjusts baseline: The device can optimize the printing position by auto-adjusting the baseline according to the ECG waveform.

  • Full digital processing: The device can process the ECG signals digitally and ensure high accuracy and stability.

  • Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition: The device can acquire 12 leads of ECG signals simultaneously and display them on the screen or print them out.

  • Thermal recorder with high resolution printing: The device has a built-in thermal printer that can print out high resolution ECG waveforms and reports on thermal paper.

  • Up to 4-hour battery working time: The device has a rechargeable battery that can support up to 4 hours of continuous working time.

  • Auto/manual operation mode: The device can operate in either auto or manual mode according to the user's preference. In auto mode, the device can automatically start measuring and printing when it detects a valid signal. In manual mode, the user can control the measurement and printing process by using the keyboard or touch screen.

  • Lead-off detection and display: The device can detect and display the lead-off status of each electrode on the screen or printout.

  • Selectable printing formats: The device can print out different formats of ECG waveforms and reports according to the user's selection. The available formats are standard 3 leads, rhythm lead, 3/2 leads, manual 1 lead.

  • 100 patient data storage: The device can store up to 100 patient data with ECG waveforms and reports in its internal memory. The user can review, print, or delete the stored data as needed.

The Mindray De Cg 03a is a versatile and user-friendly haematology analyser that can meet the needs of various clinical settings. It is designed to provide high-quality ECG measurement and analysis with ease and efficiency. e0e6b7cb5c

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