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At minimum, assistants should understand how to schedule and start Zoom meetings and how to screen share. Knowing how to record proceedings and use breakout rooms is helpful too. In the event of technical issues, it is likely that executives will rely on assistants to troubleshoot. Virtual assistants should know how to mute and unmute microphones, help participants reconnect or connect on another device, and walk participants through how to use software features.

Tech Executive Tycoon Download For Windows PC


Chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO). In the past, these titles were almost interchangeable, given to the individual tasked with running the organization's information systems. Now, these roles are increasingly used to describe different functions and roles. The CTO most commonly has oversight for the information systems that run the enterprise's operations, as well as the technologies that drive the business. The CIO is usually the executive who manages research and development, oversees the development of technologies into products and services, and ensures that all IT initiatives are aligned with business goals.

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